Best Trades at the 2010 MLB Trade Deadline

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There were some really nice deals that took place during the 2010 MLB trade deadline and I want to take a minute to reflect on a few of the trades. With the trade deadline now almost a week old most of the players that got traded have already started playing with their new teams. I would say that the Texas Rangers easily did the best during the month of July and made some really good improvements to their team.

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Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers had an awesome month of July when it comes to making their team better for the push to the postseason. I was really impressed with the trades that the team made and they didn’t give up that much talent in the process. Although Texas has been dealing with money problems all season, they didn’t mind throwing a bunch of money at some talented players during the trade deadline. When it was all said and done the Rangers acquired Bengie Molina, Cliff Lee, Mark Lowe, Jorge Cantu and Christian Guzman. The Rangers gave up quite a few prospects for the players mentioned above, but only one of them really stands out and that’s Justin Smoak.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in California on the Western Side of America

We still hate their name, implying that the Angels play in Los Angeles when they don’t. Regardless of the stupid name, the Angels had an active trade season. The Angels are 9 games back of the Rangers right now in their division and I’m not too sure why they ended up making the few trades that they made. Los Angeles ended up receiving Alberto Callaspo and Dan Haren during the deadline. The Angels ended up trading away a lot of pitchers including Joe Saunders and several other prospects. With the Angels being so far back in the division I’m surprised they went out and traded for Haren and Callaspo.

Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies are 2 games back of the Atlanta Braves right now and I’m a little surprised that they didn’t do more work during the deadline. The Phillies did make some noise by receiving Roy Oswalt in a trade with the Astros. The Phillies had to trade J.A. Happ and 2 other prospects in order to receive Oswalt, but he’ll definitely help the team.

San Diego Padres

Many people thought the Padres would be sellers at the trade deadline this season, but once they started winning games all of that changed. I’m pleased to see that the Padres did some buying during the deadline and picked up Miguel Tejada and Ryan Ludwick to try and help them win the National League West division. The Giants have been catching up to the Padres this past month and Padres fans can only hope that these two pick-ups will be enough to keep them on top.

New York Yankees

The New York Yankees usually make a lot of noise before the trade deadline every season, but this year they were unable to pull the trigger on any huge deals. They didn’t want to give up their top prospects this season, as they feel they have a strong enough team to win the 2010 World Series already. The few trades they did make will add some depth to the roster and it should be interesting to see if the slow trade deadline will hurt the Yankees come October. The Yankees picked up pitcher Kerry Wood, Lance Berkman and Austin Kearns without the need to give away any of their top prospects.

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