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The information below was for the 2010 MLB World Series. When we get close to the 2011 World Series, we’ll update this post with the latest money lines, run lines, and over/under odds from the top online sportsbooks.

If I asked you at the beginning of the 2010 MLB playoffs which teams were going to make it to the World Series, the majority of you would have said the Phillies and Yankees, or at least one of those teams. Most of us would’ve been wrong, because the 2010 World Series is going to be played between the San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers.

This is the Rangers’ first trip to the World Series, and it wasn’t an easy road for them to get here. The 1st game of the series is tonight, Wednesday October 27th. Let’s look at some of the options for betting on 2010 World Series games.

2010 World Series Betting Odds

For each game of the 2010 World Series, we’ll update this page with the latest betting odds. If you want to bet on the World Series, bookmark this page and come on back!

2010 World Series Game 1 Betting Lines

Texas Rangers –127 at

San Francisco Giants +126 at

Sports Betting Lines Editor’s Note: The Giants are at home with Tim Lincecum on the mound. The Rangers are favored though, so at +126, it’s hard to bet against the Giants. Cliff Lee is a monster in the playoffs, but Lincecum is no slouch either. If the Giants can get to Lee, Lincecum and the Giants could easily take game one.

This is a tough match up, but my inclination is to take the Giants at +126…those are good odds at home with Lincecum pitching tonight. Ok, my hijack of this article is done, back to the predictions by our expert baseball handicapper. 🙂

2010 World Series Game 1 Predictions

We still don’t know exactly how the pitching match-ups are going to work out, but we’re getting a good idea. We’re going to see two ace pitchers in game one (Cliff Lee & Tim Lincecum) and it’s going to be a pitchers duel most of the game. Lee will be counted on to perform strong for as many innings as needed and if it’s a close game I expect him to stay in there.

Giants Best Odds for Game

Rangers Best Odds for Game

Lee is working towards a new contract and will play a minimum of 2 games in the 2010 World Series. I expect Lee to win both of his games for the Texas Rangers and if it comes down to a game 7 then I’ll bet on Lee one more time.

Lincecum, Matt Cain and Jonathan Sanchez are all young pitchers that want to prove to everyone that they can win the World Series. The Giants offense is nothing to write home about and they’ve been relying on great pitching throughout the majority of the season. There is no doubt that San Francisco has the pitching advantage in this series, but Lincecum is going to have his hands full with Lee. Sanchez and Cain shouldn’t have as much problem against whomever the Rangers match-up against them and those will be the games that the Giants need to win to take the series to 7 games.

These two baseball teams rarely play against each other, but they played 3 times in 2009 with the Giants winning all 3 games. Both teams are different now, so I don’t use that record as an indication of how this series will go. There is no doubt that the Rangers are coming into this series with the momentum after beating the New York Yankees in 6 games. During the series with the Yankees, the Rangers showed us their pitching and hitting are both clicking right now. If they can keep it going, then they’re going to be an extremely difficult team to beat and the Giants could be in trouble.

San Francisco’s offense hasn’t been great in the 2010 MLB postseason and will need to pick things up against the potent Rangers offense. In the NLCS the Giants scored 4-1-3-6-2-3 runs against the Phillies and ended up winning the series thanks to their pitching. This is going to be an extremely close series in my opinion and there are a couple of factors that should decide the outcome.

The San Francisco Giants need to be able to keep the Rangers bats quiet throughout the series if they want to win. If the Rangers want to win then they need Lee performing like he has been all postseason, along with getting some help from another pitcher. Lee isn’t going to be able to win the series on his own and another pitcher is going to need to step up.

The 2010 World Series could easily go 7 games. If it does, I’ll bet on the Texas Rangers to win it all, with Cliff Lee winning the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award.

The best odds for the Rangers on game 1 is being offered at at -127. For the San Francisco Giants, the best odds for game 1 of the 2010 World Series are being offered at +126 at

Good luck with all your 2010 World Series bets!

2010 World Series Game 2 Predictions

Predictions for every game of the 2010 World Series will be posted right here. Come back for expert predictions for games 1 – 7! For more information about betting options and tips for betting on the World Series, check out our World Series betting page.

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