Patriots vs. Giants Live Betting

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As the largest sporting event in the world, of course all of the best online betting sites are offering live betting for the Patriots – Giants Super Bowl 46 matchup. Our favorite US friendly sportsbook for live betting is, who will be offering hundreds of prop bets during the game. See the Bovada live betting interface for yourself.

Bovada is the new name for Bodog in the United States, and they have the same betting software as well. The live betting software works incredibly well, with new bets popping up every possession. The Patriots vs. Giants live betting options should be bigger this year than ever before, and starting at just $ per bet, a small deposit can provide a lot of fun. Of course, Bovada also has all of the standard Patriots Giants betting lines as well. If you’re interested in betting on the Super Bowl, this site offers everything we need.

Live Betting on the Giants – Patriots Super Bowl Game

If you aren’t familiar with live betting (also called in-play betting), these are bets that can be placed while the game is being played. These are prop bets based on the result of each possession, and many individual downs as well. For example, bettors can wager on the current drive resulting in a punt, field goal, touchdown, or turnover. We can also bet on the next play being a passing or rushing play. For this New York Giants – New England Patriots Super Bowl matchup, Bovada will probably offer more live bets than they ever have for any single game.

Live betting has become more & more popular over the recent years (and months), and all of the best sportsbooks are expanding their live betting options.

If you live outside the United States, is a great choice for live betting. They recently upgraded their live betting software, and now it’s about as good as it gets. Like Bovada, I expect that Bet365 will have a massive selection of live bets for this Patriots – Giants game.

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