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Barring a miracle, the World Constructors Championship is a three-team race. Many think Red Bull Racing is a lock to win it again, but we disagree. The fact that Red Bull has dominated the last two seasons will likely work against them this season because FIA is implementing rule changes that should benefit Ferrari and McLaren-Mercedes. It isn’t good for Formula 1 when one team dominates, and I expect this year will be much more competitive than in recent years. The F1 World Constructors Championship futures odds reflect a bit of this, with McLaren-Mercedes having great odds. Obviously we’re not the only ones thinking this way.

World Constructors Championship Futures Bets

My favorite bet for the World Constructors Championship is actually Ferrari. The reason is, FIA always wants Ferrari to compete, and it’s very likely this team will be given some advantageous rule changes during the off-season. I think the biggest question with Ferrari is Felipe Massa – is he up to it? Alonso is capable of winning the Drivers Championship, but what can Massa do to help him win the Constructors Championship? If the Ferrari’s are really dialed-in, he might be able to do enough.

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* Content below was written on August 30, 2011. We’re keeping it posted for reference.

Since the 2011 F1 World Constructors Championship has been essentially wrapped-up by Red Bull Racing, most online bookmakers have removed this bet. You can still bet on this at Bet365, but why bother at 1.002 (1/500)? Unless you have a couple million to bet and can get the book to accept the wager, what’s the point?

Latest World Constructors Championship Odds at Bet365

Red Bull Racing: 1.002 (1/500)
McLaren-Mercedes: 51.00 (50/1)
Ferrari: 101.00 (100/1)

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