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There are several ways to bet on NASCAR races, but some bets offer better value than others. In a sport with 40+ drivers in a race, picking the outright winner is difficult. If this were the only bet available, most people would bet on a few races, lose, and stop betting. To keep bettors interested, sportsbooks on the internet have come up with several other types of NASCAR bets; fun bets that are easier to win.

Since there are so many drivers in every race, there’s a wide variation in the odds you’ll find from one sportsbook to another. For this reason, we recommend that serious NASCAR handicappers register & deposit at several sportsbooks we recommend at If you aren’t comparing odds, you’re costing yourself money.

To learn how to bet on NASCAR, scroll down this page. To start betting now, visit our recommended sportsbook listed below.

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If you’re a casual bettor just looking to have some fun, register at where you can bet on race winners, Speed Rows, Top 3 finishers, and lots of fun props. 18+, T&Cs apply, and Gamble Responsibly (BeGambleAware).

#1: Sports Interaction

Canadian Bettors only. A large variety of deposit methods are available. NASCAR betting options are excellent and lines are generally posted 3-4 days before each race. They offer betting for all Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series races, and expanded betting options for bigger events like the Daytona 500 and Brickyard 400. Bets can be made on race winners, head-to-head matchups, Speed Rows, and tons of props. Futures bets for Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series seasonal champions are available as well, but they’re generally closed when the season starts.

Types of NASCAR Wagers You Can Place

In NASCAR a lot of people try to bet on the outright winner of a race. The sportsbook will list odds for about the top 20 drivers and then odds for the rest of the field. You can either pick one of the 20 odd drivers or the field to win the race. This type of bet has exceptional payouts, but it’s difficult to win on a regular basis.

The most popular type of NASCAR bets are called match-ups. In this wager the sportsbook will post odds for 2-6 drivers and you need to pick the driver that you think will finish the highest in that group. The odds of winning matchup bets are much better than outright winners, and the payouts reflect this. Another good thing about match-up bets is that you can bet on more than one of them per race.

A lot of people like wagering on prop bets in NASCAR as well. You can wager on a lot of different prop bets such as picking the driver you think is going to win the pole position. You can also bet on the driver you think will lead the most laps, or how many flags there will be during a race. These types of bets don’t require much strategy and rely more on luck.

You can bet on the manufacturer you think is going to win the race as well. There are several car manufacturers in NASCAR and this type of bet provides fairly good odds. If you can determine the manufacturers that do well on a given racetrack then you should have no problem cashing a few of these bets every year.

How to Read the Odds Posted

Since most NASCAR fans live in the US, we’re using American odds in this example.

American odds (often called money lines) use $100 as the basis point for calculating payouts. However, there are positive (+) and negative (-) odds, and the payouts are calculated differently.

Positive money lines represent the amount of profit that would be made on a $100 wager. So, +300 means a $100 bet would return $300 in profit, for a total return of $400.

A negative money line represents how much would need to be wagered in order to win $100 in profit. So, -300 means that a wager of $300 is required in order to win $100 in profit. Clearly, negative money lines represent favored drivers.

Some NASCAR History

NASCAR is a stock car racing league that is very popular in the United States. There aren’t that many international fans of NASCAR because most people watch F1, but there are quite a few fans in Canada. If you follow NASCAR throughout the season you should definitely consider placing a few small wagers on some races. You can easily make some money by betting on match-up bets in NASCAR, and if you’re lucky enough you might be able to cash-in on an outright winner wager.

One of the difficulties with wagering on NASCAR is the fact that it’s hard to win an outright winner bet. Sports betting sites don’t mind you placing wagers on outright winners because the probability of winning is fairly small. When I wager on NASCAR I always try and avoid betting too much on outright winners and try focusing on match-up bets. The payouts aren’t nearly as good, but I end up with a way higher winning percentage at the end of the racing season.

If you follow NASCAR at all then you’ll know that any given driver can win any given race. You don’t want to be trying to predict the winner of a race when there are a lot of easier bets to win. Take a look at the type of NASCAR bets below and you’ll have no problem finding some value in the next race that you want to bet on. You can find the latest Nascar Lines here.

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