2013 NBA Betting Sites

The 2013 NBA basketball season is here and fans are ready to start betting. For US bettors, there aren’t a lot of online sportsbooks to choose from. For punters outside the US, there are too many to choose from. So, this post is being written to help people find the best NBA betting sites for 2013, for punters all over the world.

To rank the best 2013 NBA betting sites, we’re taking several things into consideration. First, we never recommend sites that aren’t financially secure or sites that rip off their customers. From there, we’re looking at a number of different things.

We want sites that post their NBA lines early, with low-standard industry vig. We also want a good variety of prop bets, futures, live betting, NBA promotions, and mobile NBA betting as well. The sites who are providing the best overall NBA betting options are getting our highest rankings.

Best NBA Betting Sites for US Bettors in 2013

In the United States, bettors are limited to a handful of trustworthy NBA betting sites. Fortunately, there are a few good ones left, and these sites still accept credit cards for deposits as well.

1/ BetOnline.com: NBA point spreads and over/under odds are posted early at BetOnline. NBA money lines are generally posted the night before a game, or the morning of. Team & player prop bets are usually posted the morning before each game begins as well, but some are offered earlier. Vig is standard for the industry, usually at 10% for spreads, money lines & over/unders. Prop bets are usually 10% as well, but smart handicappers compare odds and do the math before placing their bets. BetOnline also has better parlay odds than most books, and a nice bonus of 100% up to $900 for 2013. Mobile NBA betting is also available. Sports/Casino/Poker/Horses

2/ Bovada Sportsbook: As the site who replaced the Bodog Sportsbook for US customers, Bovada has kept all of the same NBA betting options as they had before. NBA basketball lines aren’t posted as early as BetOnline, but they offer some of the best live betting – typically featuring one or two of the best games each night. Bovada also has the best futures odds for favorites, usually better than any other online sportsbook. Mobile NBA betting is also offered for all popular smartphones. Sports/Casino/Poker/Horses

3/ JustBet.cx: This site focuses mainly on US sports like NBA & NCAA basketball, NFL & NCAA football, MLB baseball, NHL hockey, and UFC mixed martial arts. Their NBA lines get posted later than BetOnline, but around the same times as Bovada. They offer incremental odds that BetOnline and Bovada rarely offer, so extra value can often be found here. The vig on point spreads and over/under bets are standard for the industry, and usually standard for money lines as well. However, always compare money lines at other books before placing a wager at JustBet because sometimes they’re asking for too much. JustBet also offers mobile betting, and a limited amount of live NBA betting as well. Sports/Casino/Horses

Best NBA Betting Sites for UK & European Punters in 2013

1/ Bet365.com: This is one of the biggest sports betting sites in the world, and definitely one of the best. Their betting software is excellent, and their live betting section is enormous. They offer early lines on all standard NBA bets, plus a wide variety of team & player props. They also offer futures for division, conference, and 2013 NBA Championship winners all season long. Bet365 recently upgraded their mobile betting software, with custom versions for each type of mobile device. All of the most popular deposit options are available, including credit cards, Neteller, Moneybookers, and direct banking options. Sports/Casino/Poker/Financials/Bingo, and some of the best bingo bonuses online.

2/ Ladbrokes.com: This is another huge UK/European betting site, and a great site for betting on 2013 NBA basketball. Their software isn’t as nice as Bet365, but it doesn’t take long to get familiar with how to place a bet. They offer all of the typical point spread, money line, and total bets that we expect, with a nice selection of props & futures as well. They also offer mobile & live NBA betting. Ladbrokes offers most of the same deposit options as Bet365 and PaddyPower. Sports/Casino/Poker/Financials/Bingo/Lotto

3/ PaddyPower.com: This is a close competition between Ladbrokes and PaddyPower. These two NBA betting sites could easily be flip-flopped because they’re very similar in a lot of ways. Everything written for Ladbrokes could be said for Paddy Power as well, so the thing to take from this is…register at both sites and compare their odds. Sports/Casino/Poker/Financials/Bingo/Lotto

Best 2013 NBA Betting Sites for the Rest of the World

1/ Ladbrokes.com: Ladbrokes accepts punters from all over the world except the US. They focus on a wide range of sports, including NBA basketball. Any type of NBA bet you’d like to make, it can be made here. If you’re a casual punter looking to have some fun, this site is a great choice. If you bet a lot, sign up at each of the sites below as well. The key to making money betting on NBA basketball, or any sport for that matter, is comparing odds and getting the best price. Mobile and live NBA betting are available. Sports/Casino/Poker/Financials/Bingo/Lotto

2/ PaddyPower.com: This is another great bookie for international punters. They accept punters from almost everywhere, except the United States. They have a wide selection of NBA betting options, along with prop bets for nearly every game. Paddy Power also offers live betting for a lot of NBA games, with hundreds of bets that can be made while the game is being played. Mobile betting software is available for all of the most popular cell phones and tablets. Sports/Casino/Poker/Financials/Bingo/Lotto

3/ Bodog.eu: Although Bodog posts their NBA lines later than Ladbrokes and Paddy Power, they have a different base of customers. With a smaller percentage of their customers from Europe, and more from other countries, they often have unique NBA lines. They also tend to have the best 2013 NBA futures odds for favourite teams, meaning the teams we actually want to bet on. Bodog.eu offers fewer NBA games for live betting, but a great selection of props on games they do feature. They also have possibly the best live betting software in the industry, which is simple for anyone to use. All of the most popular deposit & withdrawal methods are available for international punters. Sports/Casino/Horses

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