2011 ATP World Tour Finals Betting

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The 2010 Barclays ATP World Tour Finals is about to get underway, with some interesting storylines that could come from it. Odds for the outright winner (as of Friday Nov. 19th) are listed below, but for the most current odds, visit our tennis betting lines page. If you’re ready to bet, our favorite online sportsbook for tennis betting is www.Bodog.com.

If you aren’t familiar with the ATP World Tour Finals, it’s a season-ending matchup between the top 8 men in the world, based on ATP rankings. It is played in a round robin type of format, where the best player at the time should come out on top. That’s what makes this tournament so interesting.

Roger Federer (2) has won the ATP World Tour Finals 4 times, and Novak Djokovic (3) won it in 2008. These are the only men in the 2010 tournament that have won this event. Rafael Nadal (1) is seeking his first win, along with Robin Soderling (4), Andy Murray (5), Tomas Berdych (6), David Ferrer (7), and Andy Roddick (8).

2010 ATP World Tour Finals – Tennis Schedule & Matchups

Matches begin in London, England on Sunday, November 21st, with the 2010 ATP World Tour Finals Champion being crowned on Sunday, November 28th.

ATP World Tour Finals Matches

The top 8 players are split into two groups of 4. For 2010, the A group consists of Nadal, Djokovic, Berdych, and Roddick. The B group consists of Federer, Soderling, Murray, and Ferrer. Each player plays a match against each player in their group, for 3 matches each. Then, the two players with the best records from each group advance into the semi-finals, eventually leading to the championship match.

Mens Singles Matches on Sunday, November 21.

  • Robin Soderling (4)) vs Andy Murray (5)
  • Roger Federer (2) vs David Ferrer (7)

Mens Singles Matches on Monday, November 22.

  • Novak Djokovic (3) vs Tomas Berdych (6)
  • Rafael Nadal (1) vs Andy Roddick (8)

* We will update this page with the latest matches as they are scheduled. Bookmark this page for quick updates on matches & current odds.

2010 ATP World Tour Finals Betting Odds & Tips

Although Bodog.com and Sportsbook.com have Roger Federer listed as the favorite, I have to go with Rafael Nadal to win the 2010 ATP World Tour Finals title. He’s had an incredible 2010 season, winning 7 titles and compiling an overall record of 67-9.

He missed the 2010 ATP World Tour Masters earlier in the month due to tendinitis in his left shoulder, but he should be healthy now. If this persists, it will likely be the reason he doesn’t win. If this isn’t an issue for him, I expect him to take the title.

Roger Federer has won this title 4 times in the past, Nadal has never won it. He’s in his prime, coming off of a great season, and he’ll be motivated to win more than any other player in the field. As we know, when Nadal has his heart in it, he just wins.

However, if his tendinitis comes back, I expect Federer to take the title. He’s coming off a great end to the 2010 season, winning two recent titles and retaining his #2 ranking in the world.

2010 ATP World Tour Finals Odds at the Bodog Sportsbook.

With the exception of equal odds on Nadal, Bodog.com is offering better odds than Sportsbook.com.

  • Roger Federer: 9/4 (3.25) *Best Odds
  • Rafael Nadal: 5/2 (3.50) *Even with Sportsbook.com
  • Andy Murray: 11/2 (6.50) *Best Odds
  • Novak Djokovic: 11/2 (6.50) *Best Odds
  • Robin Soderling: 9/1 (10.00) *Best Odds
  • Andy Roddick: 18/1 (19.00) *Best Odds
  • David Ferrer: 33/1 (34.00) *Best Odds
  • Tomas Berdych: 33/1 (34.00) *Best Odds

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2010 ATP World Tour Finals Odds at the Sportsbook.com

  • Roger Federer: 2/1 (3.00)
  • Rafael Nadal: 5/2 (3.50)
  • Novak Djokovic: 4/1 (5.00)
  • Andy Murray: 9/2 (5.50)
  • Robin Soderling: 8/1 (9.00)
  • Andy Roddick: 15/1 (16.00)
  • David Ferrer: 20/1 (21.00)
  • Tomas Berdych: 20/1 (21.00)

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