Best UFC Fights for August 2010

The month of August is going to be a busy one for the UFC with both UFC 117 and UFC 118 taking place. The two events in August will be aired on pay-per-view and there are going to be some big name fights that you don’t want to miss. UFC 117 is being held on August 7th in Oakland, California. UFC 118 is going to be held Boston, Massachusetts on August 28th.

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There are going to be a couple title fights in the month of August and they definitely made the list, but there are a few other non-title fights that look a lot more exciting then the title fights. If you’re looking to make some wagers in August on the UFC then you should definitely take a look at the fights below, as they’ll be the most exciting and wagered on fights of the month.

UFC 117 – August 7th, 2010

• Anderson Silva will have his Middleweight Championship Belt on the line in the Main Event at UFC 117. Silva will be fighting against Chael Sonnen who boasts a 26-10-1 record. Silva has never really come close to losing his belt and I don’t think he’ll have a problem defeating Sonnen in August. Retaining the belt is important for Silva and he his skills are far more superior then Sonnen’s.

Odds on Silva: -450
Odds on Sonnen: +300

• Jon Fitch will be fighting Thiago Alves at UFC 117, which should be one of the best fights of the month. Both fighters are very similar and neither really have an advantage over one another. Fitch has a little more experience and a few more wins then Alves, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see Alves take down Fitch. These two fought years ago and Fitch ended up beating Alves by TKO.

UFC 118 – August 28th, 2010

• The Main Event at UFC 118 is Frankie Edgar vs. BJ Penn and the Lightweight Championship Belt will be on the line. If you remember the last fight between these two warriors, Edgar defeated Penn and won the belt. Penn will have his shot at the end of August to try and reclaim the title he once had. Both of these fighters are great at what they do and it should be an awesome fight to watch.

Odds on Penn: -325

Odds on Edgar: +250

• UFC 118 is full of fights with lots of potential and one of them is the Kenny Florian vs. Greg Maynard fight. Maynard has never lost a fight in the UFC and he’ll look to continue his streak against a very tough customer in Florian. Kenny has a similar record to Maynard except he has 2 losses, which both came in title bouts. The winner of this fight is going to have a great shot at earning a title shot against Edgar or Penn.

Randy Couture vs James Toney

With all this said, the fight I’m most looking forward to is the match between Randy Couture and former boxing champ James Toney. I expect Toney to get hammered by Couture, but if Toney can find lightning in a bottle, one of his punches could do some damage. Don’t expect that to happen though, as Couture should be able to destroy Toney with his ground game.

These five UFC fights above just scratch the surface of what’s coming up in August. If you’re a UFC fan then this upcoming month is going to be packed with big hits and blood. If you want to make some money on the side then you should head over to Bodog and lay down some money on the fighters you think are going to win.

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