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Online NFL Sportsbooks


#1: BetOnline Sportsbook

US bettors welcome. ranks #1 for NFL betting partially because they have the highest success rate for US bettors who want to deposit with their Visa credit cards. At that’s not a problem. They also accept MasterCard and American Express credit cards. is clearly a top choice for handicappers based in the United States, but they’re a great site for anyone who likes to bet on popular US sports. They focus more on American sports like NFL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA football & basketball, although they do offer plenty of international sports as well. NFL

BetOnline offers all of the standard football betting options, including point spreads, money lines, over/unders, parlays, teasers, round robins, props, futures and more. They also offer quarters, 1st and 2nd half betting lines for NFL football.

BetOnline offers some of the best parlay odds in the industry. If you like parlay betting, no bullshit, this is a reason to sign up all on it’s own. See what we’re talking about on our parlay betting page.

NFL football betting limits range from $1 – $5,000, depending on the type of bet being placed. For live betting, limits range from $1-$500.


#2: JustBet Sportsbook

US bettors welcome. JustBet is mainly focused on US sports like NFL & NCAA football, NBA & NCAA basketball, MLB, NHL hockey, UFC & horse racing. They do offer other sports, but much fewer than most online sportsbooks. They accept credit card deposits, and various ewallets as well. NFL

JustBet offers early lines on point spreads and over/unders, but late money lines. This isn’t uncommon though, and unless you bet a lot of money lines it’s not much of an issue. They offer NFL futures for division, conference, and Super Bowl winners throughout the season, but Bovada (see below) normally offers better odds for favorites. NFL prop bets are available, usually on game-day.

JustBet Deposit Options

U.S. Handicappers: Visa & Mastercard credit & debit cards, international prepaid debit cards, cashiers check, MyVoucher, Person to Person.

Outside the US: Credit & debit cards, Neteller, Moneybookers, Cick2Pay, bank wire, MyVoucher, Person to Person, cashiers check.


#3: Bovada Sportsbook

US bettors welcome. For US customers, Bovada is the new name for what used to be Bodog. This site is essentially the same as Bodog was, and it’s run by the same people who operated Bodog for the last four years (Morris Mohawk Gaming Group). Bovada posts their NFL football lines later than most books, but they have the best live betting currently available to US based customers. They also feature a complete online casino (RTG software), racebook and poker room that can be accessed through a single account.

Bovada Sportsbook NFL

The Bovada Sportsbook has it’s own linesmakers, and offers some of the best NFL football odds online. They offer betting for every NFL weekly game, Monday Night Football, all playoff games, and of course the Super Bowl. NFL futures bets, along with a huge list of prop bets are available as well. Player and team props are offered for every NFL football game. For the 2011 – 2012 season, even more betting options are available than in past seasons.

As with any sport, serious NFL handicappers should have accounts at several sportsbooks on the internet to compare odds & juice. The Bovada Sportsbook is a great place to start.

Bovada Sportsbook Deposit Options

U.S. Handicappers: US NFL bettors can deposit with Visa credit & debit cards ($20 – $500 deposits), but they don’t always work. If Visa is your preferred deposit method, try it first. If your card is denied, contact the customer service department before giving up. They have alternative Visa processors that they can use manually, with a much higher success rate.

US bettors can also use eWalletXpress ($20 – $5000 deposits), Rapid Transfer ($100 – $1200 deposits), Click2Pay ($20 – $5000 deposits), Bank Wire ($1,000 – $100,000 deposits), MyPaylinQ ($20 – $5,000 deposits).

Non-U.S. Handicappers: For NFL punters outside the USA, plenty of easy deposit options are available to you. Choose between Visa & Mastercard credit & debit cards, Neteller, Moneybookers, eWalletXpress, Click2Pay, Instant eChecks, Speedcard, NuCharge.

Best Bovada Deposit Methods for High Rollers

For high stakes handicappers, the best deposit option is via bank wire. The maximum deposit amount for high rollers using bank wire is $100,000 at a time. The minimum deposit amount is $1000. If you prefer not to use bank wires for depositing, Click2Pay deposits of up to $5000 are accepted as well.

How to Bet on NFL Games

NFL Betting Guide:

Of course it depends on how well you know each sport, but a lot of handicappers think NFL football is the easiest sport to cap. Early in the season, every team wants to start off well, and nobody has given up yet. So, how does the best effort of one team stack up against the best effort of their opponent? In the middle & late parts of a season, teams are vying for playoff positions, or planning their vacations to Cabo. In some cases, it’s easier to see who is more motivated, and easier to make winning NFL betting picks.

In other sports like the NBA, MLB, and NHL, teams can afford to lose a few games. However, in NFL football where a regular season is just 16 games, teams need every ‘W’ they can get. Unless a team is completely out of the playoff picture, you can usually count on getting their best effort.

Obviously, the most important thing to know before you start betting on the NFL are the types of bets available. You also need to learn how to read the odds, and the best sportsbooks for placing your bets. Click here for the most trusted sportsbooks on the net today.

For U.S. residents that want to bet on NFL football, it’s important to have accounts at books with high success rates on Visa deposits. If you can’t make a deposit, you can’t make a bet.

Types of NFL Football Bets

• When you want to bet on a team to beat another team you have two options. You can bet on the money line on all NFL games, but 80% of the time it isn’t worth it. Unless you’re betting on an underdog to win on a money line bet you’re going to need to pay a lot of juice. The majority of NFL handicappers will bet on the point spread, which is more difficult, but provides a lot better odds. To win on a point-spread wager you need to decide whether the favored NFL team will win by a predetermined amount of points.

• Every sportsbook that provides odds on the NFL will have over/under bets. You can bet on the over/under of a full game, half or quarter although you should focus on full game wagers unless you know you have an edge. To win an over/under bet in the NFL you need to determine whether the two teams in the game will go over or under the point total posted by the sportsbook.

• If your sportsbook offers exotic bets then you’ll be able to wager on prop bets and future wagers. Prop bets only last a single game and can include over/under on how many rushing yards a RB will run in a game. Future bets last the entire season and an example would be picking a team to win the Superbowl at the beginning of the season.

• In the NFL you can also wager on teasers and parlays. A parlay is when you combine multiple outcomes on the same bet. To win your parlay you need to win all of the outcomes on the bet. A teaser is when you play multiple point-spread games on the same ticket, but with one big difference. You can buy anywhere from 3-20+ points with some sportbooks and every time you buy more points the odds become worse.

How to Read NFL Odds

• Packers –3.5 –110 vs. Vikings +3.5 –110 (Packers need to win by 4+ to win) (Bet $110 to $100 on either team)

American, Fractional & Decimal Odds Conversion Tool

The following odds conversion tool will help you convert odds from any of the most popular odds formats, to whichever format you prefer. Since most NFL football bettors are in the United States, we tend to show odds in American format. If you prefer to see the odds converted into fractional of decimal formats, use this tool.

Enter the odds in any format, then hit Enter on your keyboard. The tool will automatically convert odds into the empty odds fields.

More Information You Need to Know

The National Football League (NFL) is the most watched sport throughout the United States. The sport is also popular in countries like Canada and has been growing in popularity overseas. The NFL features one of the shortest seasons of all professional sports in the United States, as the season is only 16 games long. Most games are played on Sunday in the NFL although there are also games played on Monday and Thursday. Because of the popularity of NFL football, it’s also extremely popular for sports betting enthusiasts and professional handicappers.

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