Raiders vs. Broncos

This 2011, week 9 game pits the Denver Broncos against their arch-rival Oakland Raiders at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. The Raiders and Broncos truly hate each other, and that’s why we love this rivalry. Kick-off is set for 4:05 pm EST.


Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders had a respectable 8-8 record last season. They went 5-3 at home, and 3-5 on the road. They had an excellent record of 6-0 in the AFC West, but a disappointing 6-6 record in the division. After a number of pitiful years prior to the 2010 – 2011 season, the Raiders appear to be on the right track, even with the loss of CB Nnamdi Asomugha.

On paper, it appears that the Chargers will take the AFC West, and either the Chiefs or Raiders should take second. I don’t see either of these teams getting a Wild Card birth, but the Raiders could surprise us.

Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos are coming off of another disappointing season. They finished the 2010 – 2011 season going 4-12, including 3-5 at home and 1-7 on the road. They were 1-5 against the AFC West, and 3-9 in the conference.

Josh McDaniels is gone, replaced by John Fox. Kyle Orton is still a Bronco, and by most reports, this is a good thing. While Tim Tebow may or may not be the future for the Broncos, reports around training camp say that Tebow is not ready to take the helm just yet.

The Broncos made some moves during the off-season to help the defense….become defensive. Last season, the Broncos had the worst defense in the NFL, evident when CB’s were caught handing opposing WR’s and RB’s invitations to the end zone.

Broncos fans are hoping the invitations are a thing of the past, because the offense gives them a shot to score. While the Broncos offense isn’t terribly dynamic, the passing game can get the job done. It should be interesting to see how the Broncos do in 2011 – 2012, and this game against the Oakland Raiders will be a good test.

Week 1, 2011: Denver Broncos vs. Oakland Raiders Prediction

The Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos game is a pick’em right now, but I think the Raiders have the edge here. While the Broncos defense should improve (they can’t get any worse), the Raiders still have a big edge in this department. Kyle Orton should be his usual solid self, but pressure from the Raiders defense could cause problems.

I don’t see the Raiders having as tough of a time getting into the end zone as the Broncos, so I’m taking the Raiders all the way. I think the Raiders will take this by no less than 3, and maybe a touchdown on top of that.

As we get closer to game time, we’ll update this page with a more extensive analysis of the Raiders/Broncos week 1 matchup.

My Raiders & Broncos Conflict

Don’t hate me because I’m strange.

You thought it was a silly legend, a ridiculous tale that couldn’t be true in our measly three dimensions. Children laugh when they hear it, surely it’s a joke. Isn’t it?

Is it physically possible for the same man to love the Raiders AND the Broncos in the same lifetime? Surely it isn’t possible to love them both at the same time. Right?

Put the children to bed, I don’t want to be responsible for tears. Put the gun away, I don’t want to hear of dogs or wives being killed over this (but I would understand). It is possible, and I would know, because I am that man.

As a kid who grew up in LA, I begged my dad for 50 yard line tickets for birthdays and Christmas gifts. When the Raiders went back to Oakland, I made the trip two or three times a year to watch home games. I’ve driven to San Diego to watch the Raiders play – and I HATE the Chargers (don’t we all?).

However, I moved to Denver eleven years ago, where it’s close to impossible to survive if you aren’t a Broncos fan. So, I adopted them too, and I’m seriously conflicted when these teams meet. One of my teams is going to win, and one is going to lose.

If you’re a Raider fan or a Broncos fan, I already know what you’re thinking. You think you’re the first to say I’m not a ‘real fan’? Listen bitches, I own a $1000 Jeff Hamilton Raider jacket that I bought with my own hard earned cash. I own home and away Bo Jackson Jerseys – authentics, not the cheap crap everyone has. I have Allen jerseys, Long jerseys, Brown jerseys, and about a dozen more. I bleed silver and piss black.

On Sundays, I proudly wave my Broncos flag in front of my house. I would love to wave the Raiders flag too, but even I am not that stupid. I prefer my house standing, rather than engorged in flames. When I get to the bar, I can often be seen in an Elvis Dumervil or Champ Bailey jersey….shhhh, with a Raiders undershirt.

So, how does someone in my position deal with his internal conflict when these teams play against each other? It took me years to figure it out. There was no precedent. If you’re the first, you’re not going to find a mentor. Until just a couple of years ago, these games were both thrilling and tormenting at the same time. The Raider in me wanted blood. Like every Raider fan, I want to see opposing lineman carried off the field – in pieces. I’m a Raider fan, and that’s how we do it.

On the other side, I live in Denver. This town ROCKS when the teams are doing well. I’ve never seen fans quite like you’ll find in the front range. A trip to the playoffs is like a free excuse to be late to work on Monday. Shit, the boss is going to be late too.

Chicks in Denver are possibly the most educated female football fans in America. They know the players, they know the coaches, and they can explain the ins & outs of a nickel defense better than your high school football coach. Oh, and they do it in a tight, form fitting Broncos jersey to boot! Hot chicks man, hot chicks.

How could I resist? I’m only a man.

To solve my conflict of who to root for, I finally decided to root for the team with a better chance to make the playoffs, and try not to feel guilty about the team that loses. This is week 1 though! I still have hopes of a miracle and both teams finding a way to the playoffs. So now what do I do? I have picked the team I’ll be rooting for in week 1, but you won’t hear me say it out loud.

Regardless of what happens, one of my teams will be 1-0, and the other will be 0-1 after week 1 – which sucks. I guess I’ll have to find one of those hot girls in a tied-in-the-front Tebow jersey to help heal my wounds. Poor me.

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