NFL Futures Odds are Displayed

Below are the latest NFL futures for the Super Bowl Champion. Unless you live or are visiting Las Vegas, placing a wager at an online sportsbook is easy to do and a great alternative. is the best in the business and have been around for decades. They offer lots of depositing options and withdrawal speeds are the quickest in the industry, so give them a try.

NFL Futures Betting

The Seahawks & Patriots are fairly heavy favorites to meet in the Super Bowl; it’ll be interesting to see if they both make it. If any of their competitors defenses can step it up, we could easily lose one or both of these teams. If they do meet in the Super Bowl, we might see the highest over/under in Super Bowl history.

Many handicappers like to pick 2-3 teams per season, depending on the odds they’re getting on the teams they’re choosing. If you’re picking a favorite at +700, and one or two teams in the +1000 to +2000 odds range, you can make a profit if any of those teams win, and a nice profit if either of the longer odds teams win.

Serious bettors who have a set bankroll should keep their NFL futures bets down to 1% of their bankroll. So, if you have a bankroll of $2000, you shouldn’t bet more than $20. This is because your money will be tied up for a long time, until the Super Bowl is complete. Your money is more useful spent on game you can collect on today.

If you’re a casual punter looking to bet on your favorite team and have some fun, then just be sure to keep your NFL futures bets within a range that you can easily afford to lose.

Super Bowl Betting Tips

First off, I don’t see any team listed below the Panthers that have a legitimate chance of winning the Super Bowl. Above that, the Seahawks look like a great pick. The Patriots and Broncos have to be on every short-list as well.

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